Minimum Entry Requirement

1) Minimum age of 12 years

2) Academic Level

o Grade 6 or equivalent

       3) Minimum language requirement:

o IELTS 2.0 or equivalent


January/April/July/ October

Mode of Study:

Full Time : 6 months


Foundation Certificate


The Foundation Certificate in English (FCE) is a course which aims to build up our students’ level of competency in the English in a gradual and structured way so that they will gain confidence to study effectively in an English speaking environment. It is designed primarily to prepare students for studying and living in Singapore in which English is the medium of instruction in education.

Fundamentally, FCE is the bridging course to cover the gap existing between English as the First Language in Singapore and English as the Second Language or Foreign Language in foreign countries.

The Foundation Certificate in English will allow students to acquire a foundational competency in English so that students may use this competency to study effectively in an English speaking environment.

The contents in each section are interchangeable in the teaching and learning processes.

FCE is a course scheduled for 6 hours of teaching and learning per day covering a duration of six months.

Students will be assessed through monthly tests at the end of the month, scheduled assignments according to current year calendar. Examination results are released within two weeks after the term test.