Empowering Dreams: Shelton College International's Inspirational Encounter with Director Sammo Hung

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Shelton College International had the honor of attending a press conference hosted by director Sammo Hung on 3 May 2024. The students from our film production department were particularly excited and accompanied their teacher to this grand event. For them, Director Sammo Hung was not only a legend but also an idol in their hearts.



At the end of the event, Director Sammo Hung personally signed precious autographs for them. This gesture held profound significance for the students, serving as both encouragement and motivation in their pursuit of dreams.




It's worth mentioning that on 4 May 2024, a total of 40 students and teachers from Shelton College International attended Director Sammo Hung masterclass event held in Singapore. During this event, Director Sammo Hung delved into his directorial journey, sharing the hardships and challenges he encountered in the creative process. Through his own experiences, he conveyed to the students that success is not achieved overnight but requires long-term perseverance and effort.


Through this masterclass event, the students gained a deeper understanding of Director Sammo Hung's directorial philosophy and creative principles. They expressed their determination to engrave Director Sammo Hung's teachings in their hearts, continuously improving their professional competence and comprehensive abilities, and contributing to the future of the film industry.


图片_20240513140857.jpgAt Shelton College International, we are not only inheritors of skills but also guides to dreams. We firmly believe that every student possesses unlimited potential and possibilities. Through exchanges and learning from renowned film directors and stars, we hope to ignite the creative passion and dreams of more students, contributing to the prosperity and development of the film industry together.