Nature's Visit: Owls at Shelton College International

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Shelton College International has receiveda special visitor from the owl family, an event that has not only attracted agreat deal of attention, but is also a testament to the College's natural environment. The College is located in the picturesque Hua bai Mountain Nature Reserve, which is not only a paradise for students to study, but also a homefor many wild animals. The visit of the owl family not only brought joy and surprise to the students and teachers, but also fully demonstrated the natural beauty of the college.







Photography enthusiasts flocked to thecollege, hoping to capture this rare image. Holding professional cameras, they squatted or stood, far or near, carefully looking for the best shooting angle.Each press of the shutter recorded the moving moments of the owls' harmonious coexistence with the college. These photos not only praise the natural environment of the college, but also vividly illustrate the unique educational philosophy of Shelton College International.



Since its inception in 1993, Shelton International College has been committed to providing quality education in the heart of Singapore. The College focuses on film, television, arts and media disciplines, providing students with a wide range of development and a platformto showcase their talents through the creation of distinctive programmes. The College focuses on practice and innovation, encouraging students to developtheir creativity and overall qualities.








The appearance of the Owl Family has mademore people aware of the natural beauty and educational characteristics of Shelton College International. The College will continue to uphold the concept of internationalization and specialization, provide students with more quality educational resources, and cultivate more outstanding talents with aninternational outlook and talent in Chinese media arts. At the same time, the College also welcomes more photography enthusiasts to come and experience theunique charm of this place, get in touch with nature and witness the development and growth of the College together.