Celebrating 30 Years of Shelton College International

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Shelton College International is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023.


In 1993, Shelton's people, with the vision of "nurturing talents with an international outlook", founded Shelton College International in the heart of Singapore, next to the Mount Faber nature conservation area.

From 1993 to 2023, Shelton people have been ploughing the path of arts education in this extraordinary journey of 30 years, training tens of thousands of students from more than 30 countries around the world, making them international composite talents with both academic standards and practical skills.



In recent years, Shelton College International has been working closely with international media groups, gradually building film, television media production and theatre and film performances into the characteristics of the college.

Shelton College International students have not only made a name for themselves in Singapore's local film and television industry, but have also won a number of important awards at prestigious international film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Olympia Film Festival, which has won international recognition for the quality of the college's education.

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Graduates' diplomas are dual-accredited by both Singapore and China and are well accepted in the international community. They are also highly rated by employers in their respective countries and have earned the College many awards and recognitions from the Singapore Government, Ministry of Education, social organisations and international educational institutions.


Thirty years of brilliance has been forged by Shelton's teachers and students working together to educate students in the arts. Shelton College International is willing to work hand in hand with every art-loving student to realise their dreams! May every Shelton people, can blossom in the art journey, with light and shadow to draw their own brilliant chapter.