Shelton College International runs full day media and performance courses

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This year, the Shelton College International celebrates its 30th anniversary, with its flagship programme media and performance courses operating full-time bringing new exploration and vitality to Singapore's arts education.


For a long time, SCI has been recognised for its unique teaching methods and international perspective, dedicated to cultivating professionals with both artistic expertise and media talent.

These fulltime courses are set to inject new vigour into Singapore's cultural industry, aligning with the trends of the times by nurturing performers who understand media and excel in promotion. Additionally, it promotes cultural exchange between Singapore and the international community, with skilled media professionals contributing to raising international visibility, attracting more international projects, and investments.

The course also contributes to the upgrading and improvement of Singapore's arts education system. Through practical opportunities and unique teaching approaches, SCI aims to groom students into skilled professionals in the media and performance industry, meeting the future demand for artistic talents and bringing new opportunities to the arts education system.

This initiative is not only an innovation for Singapore's cultural industry but also an investment in the future. The expectation is that the course will cultivate more outstanding talents, making greater contributions to the development of Singapore's culture and arts.