Shelton College International student nominated as Best New Artist at Cannes Shorts winning 10 over

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The work "Too Loud Silence" completed in 2022 by Chao Aonan, a 2021 student majoring in film, television and media production at the SCI Film, Television and Media Production at Shelton International College in Singapore, has won more than ten awards from China, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Greece, Sweden, and India. Important awards at international film festivals.

Sutton's student work "The Silence Too Loud"

This work, under the guidance of the teacher, is completed independently by the second-year students of Shelton International College. All positions in the entire short film, including screenwriter, director, camera, lighting, actors, editors, etc., are all held by the school's second-year film, television, media production and hosting performing arts students.

Sutton students shoot works in the school studio

As of the end of December 2022, the awards for this work exhibition:

International category:

Nominated for Best Student Short Film at the 37th Paris Theater International Film Festival

British International Monthly Film Festival Honor Award is the top three short films of its kind

Nominated for Best First-time Filmmaker, Cannes Short Film Awards

Sutton students and works exhibition won international film festival awards

Apex Film Festival official selection

Best Short Film Award at the Olympia International Film Festival in Greece

Sutton students and works exhibition won international film festival awards

Selected for New York Istanbul Film Festival

Selected for the Swedish Boden International Film Festival

Selected for Black Cat International Film Festival

Selected for Lift-Off Global Filmmaker Conference

Best Student Short Film Award at India Golden Horse International Film Festival

Selected for Emerging Filmmakers of America Grant Program


Shanghai International Short Film Week September Best Director nomination

Shortlisted for the 5th International Middle School Students Short Film Festival

Shortlisted for the 2nd World Nomad Short Film Festival 2022

Dongsha Lake International Youth Art Week • Lakeside Youth Film Festival was selected


Launched CathayPlay, the world's largest Chinese-language independent art film on-demand platform

Director Cha Aonan was signed by a Chinese-language independent film company during his school days

Sutton students and works exhibition won international film festival awards

In recent years, SCI students at Shelton International College have won important awards from many famous international film festivals; and have won many awards from the Singapore government, Ministry of Education, and social groups.

Under the influence, the school students also feel very calm about winning the award. Director Cha Aonan of "The Noisy Silence of the Past" said: "He has just started making films, and there are still problems, and he also feels that there is room for improvement in his works. , I feel that there is an element of luck, but I still need more professional guidance and advice from teachers. Be grateful, maintain a humble attitude, and calm down to continue learning and polish new works.

Sutton's student work "The Silence Too Loud"

At present, Shelton International College in Singapore is the institution of higher learning in Singapore that offers the most professional courses in film and television media arts. It provides courses from basic diplomas to postgraduate diplomas. Shelton International College is currently the only professional school in Singapore that can provide postgraduate courses in film production. The college emphasizes academic construction and teaching quality. In order to cooperate with professional practical teaching, the college has in-depth cooperation with studios and other enterprises to provide students with opportunities to practice and participate in the filming of international blockbusters.

Singapore Shelton International College is the organizer of the 26th "Beijing College Student Film Festival" Singapore branch. The college's film and television creation and related academic activities have been reported by the overseas edition of the People's Daily and China's Xinhua News Agency many times. The anti-epidemic MV filmed by Shelton International College, the social welfare video created, and the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore visited Shelton to express condolences and other news were reported on China's CCTV-13 news channel. Singapore Shelton International College was certified by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore as early as 2008. It is a school registered with the Ministry of Education of China and certified by the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education of China. The diplomas obtained by students are certified by the Ministry of Education of China and can be found on the China Study Abroad website.

Shelton International College Film Production MA

In 2023, the college will add a postgraduate course in film production, which is currently the highest degree course in film production in Singapore. Shelton International College is currently the first and only professional institution in Singapore that can provide a master's degree in film production. For more information, please contact the school's official website for information.