Shelton has signed MOUs with well-known Singapore film and TV production companies

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Shelton College International has signed MOUs with well-known Singapore film and TV production companies to provide a broad range of internship and industry-related opportunities for students

Shelton College International is an accredited education institution and since it established the Film, TV and Media Production, Hosting and Performance Arts as well as related media programmes, it has been committed to providing students with up-to-date professional knowledge and skills. Shelton aims to equip our students to have relevant qualifications and to become industry-ready in a rapidly changing world.

At the same time, Shelton has endeavored to work with industry partners (e.g. via the signing of Memorandums of Understanding or MOUs) to provide a broad range of internship opportunities for students to cultivate industry relevant professional skills. Industrial partnerships also allow Shelton to offer students greater opportunities to practice practical skills as part of their studies.

Shelton College International maintains good academic cooperative relationships with well-known universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and other Commonwealth countries, as well as   in China and other countries. In addition, Shelton has established cooperative relationships with well-known companies in various industries in Singapore.

Therefore, students in Shelton not only have access to up-to-date academic resources, but also a wide range of opportunities to engage in industrial attachments and internship. The two complement each other, so that students will eventually have competent professional capabilities.

Currently, companies that have established an industrial partnership with Shelton College International include:

· Iskandar Malaysia studios: covering an area of 30 acres, construction value of 170 million US dollars

· MM2: Singapore’s largest listed entertainment company

Recently, Shelton International College signed MOUs with several local media production companies in Singapore to continuously strengthen Shelton’s industrial cooperation and professional development. The following is a brief description of these new industry partners.

IFA is a unique international film and media producer with an Asian DNA. IFA creates IP for scripted, formats and factual content that wins awards, breaks audience ratings records and travels.

IFA has been the recipient of over 70 nominations and awards from the major global industry bodies for their work. And, it has been recognized globally by the Peabody Awards, the Golden Bells, the Cine Golden Eagles, the Royal Television Society, Amnesty, New York TV Awards, the Asian Academy Creative Awards and the Sichuan Film Festival’s Golden Panda Awards.

Mocha Chai Laboratories was established in 2012. It is a post-production house fully equipped with a state-of-the-art Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos facility. They achieve premium quality tailored to each filmmaker’s vision, from ideation to story development right through to post production and delivery.

Their notable projects include The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, My New Sassy Girl, Sicario, Pop Aye, HBO’s Folklore, 7 Letters to name but a few. Most recently, MCL is the official encoding house and aggregator for Apple TV and Google’s Movies Playstore.

JOU Studios is a young and creative local film and television production company in Singapore. Their projects are highly rated in the industry and include:

- ‘The Cabbage’- Audience Choice Award (48Hours Film Competition 2014);

- ‘The Rule Breakers’- Singapore Outstanding Creativity Award (2014 TBS Digicon 6 Asia);

- ‘Fragments’-2nd Runner Up(2015 Cathay Motion Picture Awards);

- ‘Timewasher’-Inaugural Winner (The Maker Series Pilot); and

‘- Why My Life’-Best Art Direction (CINE65 IV 2017) etc.

JOU Studios started the joint audition event in Shelton on December 5, 2020, to cast their mini drama ‘night watchers’.

We believe that as more and more media companies partner with Shelton College International, our students will get more opportunities to practice professional skills, and this will help them lay a solid theoretical and practical foundation for their future academic and professional development.