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Shelton College Internation official website is made by
BNUlight(SHANDONG)Educational Technology Co., Ltd.
新加坡莎顿国际学院 与 北师光影(山东)教育科技有限公司


        BNUlight(SHANDONG)Educational Technology Co., Ltd. abbreviated as BNUlight,Focus on media art education and educational brand operation services. BNUlight is the operator of China Editorial Think Tank(www.bnulight.cn), the partner of Shelton College Internation(www.shelton.edu.sg). The textbooks produced by the teaching and research group for film and television editing, school entrance examination and comprehensive examination plan for art candidates have been highly recognized by art students, schools and institutions.At the same time, there are millions of self browsing media accounts and many basic education curriculum systems.


ABOUT Shelton College Internation

      Awarded the prestigious EduTrust (4-year) certification for its hallmark excellence in education and student support, Shelton is a premier private college that offers not only the benefits of quality education in Singapore, but an integrated pathway that bridges High School right through to University education.With a strong and dynamic team of highly qualified and passionate teachers and lecturers and an industry.focused curriculum, students at Shelton are thus better equipped to achieve their academic and future career goals.

新加坡莎顿国际学院荣获著名的EduTrust (4-year)认证,以其优异的教育和学生的支持。莎顿国际学院是一个一流的新加坡民办高校,不仅提供了新加坡的素质教育的优势,还集成了高中直通大学教育的桥梁。同时拥有一个强大的和充满活力的团队,高素质和热情的教师们以及行业重点的课程,因此学生在莎顿国际学院,能更好地学习,以实现他们的学术和未来的职业目标。