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Advanced Diploma in Art of Hosting and Performance (Drama, Film and TV)- Chinese
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Advanced Diploma in Art of Hosting and Performance (Drama, Film and TV) - Chinese

Minimum Entry Requirement

1)      Minimum age of 18 years PLUS

2)      Academic Qualification

a.       Shelton Diploma in Acting and   Performance OR

b.      Equivalent academic   qualification from a recognized institution PLUS any necessary subject   pre-requisites PLUS

3)      Min language requirement of GCE   O-Level B4 in Chinese language or


4)      Mature candidate of minimum age   of 30 with at least 8 years working

       experience in acting and performance and   related industry



Mode of Study

Full   Time : 8 months

Part   Time: 8 months


Advanced   Diploma

Thecourse ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN ACTING AND PERFORMANCE (Chinese), with itsstructured teaching in performing arts’ theories and practices, aims to:

1)     Develop students’understanding of life, adhere to the principle that “life is the source of art”and enable students to consciously observe life, accumulate material, and formartistic creation.

2)     Apply theoretical guidance vis-à-vis artistic practice and train students to achieve the ability to "play, speak, and write” and improve artistic abilities.

3)     Synthesize on therelevant interaction and connectivity among the diverse components of performingarts.

4)     Provide anopportunity for a comprehensive student engagement within the performing arts.

5)     Further improve students’communication and presentation skills in both oral and written capacity. This course provides students with structured learning in Performing Arts theories and practices. Students will develop professional skills necessary for a career in performing arts and related areas.



Through the study of this module, students will acquire the basic skills for post-dubbing for themselves orothers. Based on the aesthetic characteristics of audio-visual art of TV andfilm, it is the focus for the course to teach and train undergraduate learner show to face the vivid characters in the screen and to create a voice over art by using audio-visual equipment. Students can master the core skills of dubbing, such as emotional expression, character description, communication adaptationand other similar techniques.


Building from the module Body 1 at diploma level, and through skills training, this module aims to further improvestudents' comprehensive control capabilities. Learners can master the skills ofusing hands and instruments to provide creative materials for future artistic practice. The module will develop the student's ability to combine the skills of the learned movement with the skills of performance for an integrated physical expression.


The module aims to enable students to systematically learn the basic knowledge of global movies history and the range of important writers' works and thereby, expand the learners’ creative vision and provide a source of wisdom for the creation of artistic performances. It will improve students' ability to analyze and understand movies and to systematically absorb excellent human culture. It will facilitate students to understand themovies’ development process while improving the level of movies research on the one hand, and mastering movies creation theory and techniques on the other. Having the exposure to excellent theatrical works summarizing the course of human spiritual exploration of the ideals of truth, goodness and beauty, plays an esoteric role in ideological education and moral cultivation for students.


This module aims to enable thestudents to learn theories behind the artistic creation of actors, including keynotes and tones of roles and performances; and action analysis; and apply internal and external interpretation of characters integrating character charm and personal charm. The students will read and analyze scripts and roles and will be facilitated into creating and interpreting more than one character in the single-act play.


The module aims to facilitate the mastery of the sense of image and charm of the characters through rehearsals and performances of multi-act dramas; and of the rules pertaining to creative stage art. The students will be able to compose a complete creation of one to three complete characters.


The module will enable the students to create a full-fledged character through the detailed arrangement and performance of multi-act dramas and to have a mastery of stage performance skills.


Special lectures are given by experts in such fields as directing, photography, recording, fine arts, management, and literature, so that students can fully understand the process of film and television creation that in the future filming process, they can better cooperate with others and smoothly complete a comprehensive work.


In this module, the students will be able to integrate all the learning acquired in the other modules and master the comprehensive theory of performing in front of the camera. They will be expected to play at least one character role and perform at least one other job (edit, guide, photograph, record, beauty, etc.) in the micro film assignment.


This programme will be assessed via coursework and practicals.