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Certificate in Advanced Study Skills

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Minimum Entry Requirement

1) Minimum age of 16 years.

2) Academic Level:

a. Successful completion of at least 12 years of formal education

3) Minimum language requirement:

English language requirement of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent language test results



Mode of Study

Full Time : 4 months



CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED STUDY SKILLS (CASS) is a pre-degree or preparatory program designed primarily for students who have completed 12 years of full-time study and wish to pursue higher education studies delivered in the English language. It aims to provide students with the basic study and research skills necessary to derive maximum benefit from higher education.

It aims to provide students with the basic study and research skills necessary to benefit from higher education.   It is directed particularly at students who seek to enter a British degree programme or a degree or diploma programme taught in the English language and adopting a British style approach to higher education, where students are expected to take a degree of responsibility for managing their own learning.   The course is aimed particularly but not exclusively at international students and one expected outcome is that students will have achieved a level of competence in the English language equivalent to approximately IELTS 5.5. The range of practical skills developed will also enhance students’ value to potential employers.



The module aims to provide students with the fundamental learning skills necessary to derive maximum benefit from their Higher Education studies.   As such, it will also increase the students’ independent learning abilities and good study habits. This module will help students to know and prepare for what to expect in Higher Education. It will include knowing oneself as learner, independent study, good study habits, study skills components and strategies, effective reading and learning approaches, motivational learning, time management, listening and note taking, computer skills, research and writing creative assignments, taking tests and examinations, questioning and cognitive procedures.


The module aims to provide students with the basic research skills needed for higher education study. These include how to find and select the most relevant information from source materials; understanding the concepts of qualitative and quantitative research; learning what plagiarism is and how to avoid it and learning how to do reference and use the Harvard referencing style.

It will also help students to use their own ideas and express opinions based on the knowledge obtained from research.


This module provides students with the fundamental skills of writing for their academic work. It will help students to formulate their ideas and thoughts into writing. Students will develop the ability to write creatively, format their work for different platforms and learn how to plan and structure their writing. The course will help students to connect ideas with writing and increase students’ ability to perform independently.


This module provides students with the fundamental skills to use and understand appropriate grammar, punctuation and vocabulary at the Diploma level. The module will help students develop tools and strategies to improve their competency in written, spoken, aural and reading comprehension skills. Students will also gain insight into how to use dictionaries efficiently and effectively to increase their understanding and improve their own vocabulary and grammar usage. The course will allow students to apply an appropriate level of English in a variety of academic situations so they are prepared to do this at the next level of study.


A combination of written examination and coursework.