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Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

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Minimum Entry Requirement

1) Minimum age of 18 years.

2) Academic Level:

o Relevant Shelton Diploma OR Successful completion of first year of study on a UK 3- year   degree OR

o Other recognized qualifications of approved overseas

   Institutions of Higher Education. PLUS any necessary   

   subject pre-requisites PLUS additional skills modules if


3) Mature candidate of minimum age of 30 with at least 8 years working experience in related industry

4) Minimum language requirement:

o IELTS 6.0 or equivalent language test results



Mode of Study

Full Time : 8 months

Part Time: 8 months


Advanced Diploma

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration programme allows students to acquire critical business knowledge. The program is specially designed to inculcate students the concepts and tools for more effective managerial responsibilities. The course offers an interactive medium for individuals to learn critical thinking, perform analytical studies, as well as to develop logical arguments to support the business decision-making process.

On completion of the programme the students will gain:

· Sound theoretical knowledge of the various functional elements related to business;

· A high level of communication and interpersonal skill;

· The ability to identify and analyse business problems, collect relevant data so that plans and policies can be formulated and implemented;

· Practical guidelines to manage and administer their areas of responsibilities efficiently and effectively.



This unit provides an introduction to basic principles of law relating to business. It develops student’s knowledge of general principles of contract and criminal law, and more specific statutory provisions relating to consumer and employee protection. It also provides an introduction to business units, their formation, management and dissolution. The student is encouraged to analyse and evaluate legal provisions and to adopt a practical approach to problem solving.


This module is designed to develop the student’s understanding of business finance/ financial management, and emphasis its integration with financial/ cost and management accounting and to introduce students to company re-organizations and acquisitions.


The aim of this module is to encourage students to investigate issues concerning the interaction of organisations and the environment they face, in particular directing focus on the environment in a national and international context.


The module aims to develop the students’ appreciation of the role and value of marketing in a variety of organization types and the management of the marketing mix to achieve objectives and to enable students to understand the nature and sources of information used in marketing management.


This module provides an introduction to the principles and practice of operations management in manufacturing, service and office context and their application to analysis and decision-making in service and manufacturing organizations.


This module is designed to enable learners to analyze strategic problems and propose solutions, apply techniques and concepts available to the corporate planner, assess and choose between strategic options, understand the financial, human and organizational issues which influences development and implementation of corporate strategies and plans and assess the impact and implications of international and global issues on the corporate strategic planning process.


This module is designed to provide students the understanding that companies are no longer operating in the domestic market and for them to develop a sense of urgency that tremendous opportunities exist to develop business if companies can change their outlook from domestic to international arena with the expertise to create strategies for international expansion.


This module provides students with an introduction to basic individual and group processes and how these processes affect people in organizations.


A combination of written examinations and/or coursework.