Tristan de Muralt

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I arrived in Shelton College International in September 2013. I lost in the first few weeks but, I quickly adapted to the college life.

The first thing I loved in Singapore was the Asian food, way better than European food. I have to admit. I meet three wonderful people: Smith, Frederick and Hong. They helped me to discover Singapore. I passed all my modules. It was really a great moment for me. I hope the best for the future students at Shelton. Shelton brought me a lot of interesting benefits and the lessons. It was a great experience for me to discover the Asian culture. Moreover, as I had international friends, I had discovered the subtleties of different Asian cultures. With the guidance and nurturing I got from my teachers, I was able to overcome my difficulties with some of my modules. I am grateful for it. I did many activities with Shelton. In particular, visiting the Tiger Brewery.

The experience I had in Shelton helped me tog row faster and become more mature. I will always keep my contacts I made in Singapore And, I hope one day I will return.

With my diploma, I can now go forward andhave a great future. Singapore is a nice city, way bigger than most of thecities in Switzerland. It a great city for partying and art. I wish my bestwishes for Shelton and their students.

Tristan de Muralt   

Class of 2014

Integrated Diploma in Business Administration