Testimony-for-Shelton Zhang Zhong Hao-2017

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Back in 2015, I finished my first year of senior-high school in China and then progressed to Shelton for their IG Programme. Moving overseas as a 16 year old, it was expected that the first few weeks would be filled with uncertainties and difficulties. Thankfully, Shelton has the best team of teachers and staff that go above and beyond for their students. The welfare team helped me transition into the new environment, whilst the teaching staff offered me extra classes to catch up with other Year 3 students. Over time, I overcame English language difficulties and adapted to IG curriculum quickly. At Shelton, I always felt supported by all kinds of services available, from one-to-one classes, to psychological counselling, and community activities.

In 2016, I was elected by students and staff as president of Student Council. I received great guidance from the Shelton academic staff as well as my fellow peers that offered me such a wonderful platform to cultivate my leadership; I lead the council to organise many community events (such as Bali Trip, East-cost BBQ, Mount Faber Hiking, Kid-Autumn Party etc.) in cooperation with Shelton’s management team and the Radin Mas Community Centre. It was an unforgettable experience to organise, lead, and enjoy my off-campus time.

In 2017, thanks to Shelton's experienced and well-organised teaching staff, I graduated from O-levels with ‘5A*1B’ (the best A-math result in Singapore) in IGCSE and got into Trinity College of University of Melbourne. I’m now studying Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne and seeking a career in medicine.

Looking back to the days after going abroad, I am more than grateful than ever for Shelton’s utmost professionalism in teaching and caring. I wouldn’t have achieved my personal success without the immense help and support provided by Shelton. I’d strongly recommend anyone to join Shelton for a bright and successful future.

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