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On 14th of February 2021 the third day of the Lunar New Year, the CCTV-13 news channel reported the uplifting pandemic music video filmed by Shelton College International, the social welfare video created, and the visit of China Embassy working group to Shelton for gifts giving and festival greeting. These three elements are all presented in sequence in the news.

The extremely extraordinary year of 2020 is gone, and the year 2021, which has given birth to new hope has arrived. On the occasion of welcoming the lunar year of the Ox, most overseas travelers actively responded to the exhortation of the government to celebrate the Chinese New Year in situ. Chinese New Year in situ does not mean that the family is separated by distance, and the festive atmosphere of "Virtual New Year" is just as strong. As invited by the Chinese Embassy, Chinese students at Shelton College International in Singapore also recorded a New Year’s greetings video to send their New Year greetings to their relatives in the home country and hometown.

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There are lots of PRC Chinese in Singapore who are unable to return to their home country to reunite with their families due to the pandemic, but their feelings for the home country and their relatives have not diminished. The Spring Festival Virtual Gala organized by PRC Chinese in Singapore was also broadcast live on major online platforms on the night of the New Year’s Eve, celebrating the New Year with all PRC Chinese in Singapore. In the Spring Festival Virtual Gala, the uplifting pandemic music video filmed by Shelton College International and another video production which were took charged by Shelton was also presented. At the same time, students majoring in film, television and media production at Shelton also actively participated in the preparations for production the Spring Festival Virtual Gala.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world. As the only media academy in Singapore that uses Chinese as the main language of instruction. During the pandemic, Shelton gather the composers from China, Singapore, and Malaysia. The uplifting pandemic music video "The Pandemic Goes Clear", expressing love and strength with singing in Singapore. When the pandemic is overwhelming the world, Shelton take the initiative to implement corporate social responsibility and guide teachers and students to fully utilize the capabilities in media production and use new media and other methods to promote the morale of the pandemic. “The Pandemic Goes Clear " was sang by student ambassador Annabella Chai, conveying positive energy, and received wide attention and praise from the public. Annabella is a famous youth singer in the region, she was the top 6 candidate in Team Na Yin in “Sing China 2019”.

莎顿国际学院自建校以来,除重视和培养学生学术基础和发展之外,以Academic ExcellenceHealth& FitnessPerforming ArtsSpirituality & Moral ValuesCommunity Outreach & Environment 五大主体为教育框架致力于培养、树立学生正确的世界观、人生观、价值观。莎顿国际学院也凭借着多年致力于社区公益贡献,多次被社区及相关组织机构和媒体嘉奖。

Since the first day of the establishment, Shelton College International is not only highlighting academic achievement and development of students but also committed to cultivating and fostering students with the five core pillars of Academic Excellence, Health & Fitness, Performing Arts, Spirituality & Moral Values, and Community Outreach & Environment as the educational framework. Shelton is emphasize in building the view of world, life and values. Shelton College International has also been rewarded by the community and related organizations and the media for many years of dedication to community charity contributions.

Appreciation award presented to Shelton College International by Radin Mas Community Committee

Before Chinese New Year 2021, Shelton College International was also honored to receive the visit of the counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, and to present Chinese students of Shelton College International with Chinese New Year gift packages. At the same time, it was also reported by many media such as the SingHot Headline, China Xinhua News Agency, Netease News, CCTV and other media.


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Shelton College International provides students with courses at all levels from secondary school to university. It is a 4-year EduTrust-accredited institution in Singapore and an institution accredited by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The beautiful independent campus is located in the center of Singapore, with international student dormitories and cafeteria to provide students with high-quality education and living support.


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Shelton College International has established academic cooperation with universities such as the University for Creative Arts (UCA), which is ranked No. 1 in the creative arts industry in the UK, and the University of Gloucestershire (UoG), a public university in the UK, to build a mature and stable path for students to upgrade their academic qualifications. The structure of study pathway: diploma course (8 months), advanced diploma course (8 months), undergraduate degree and graudate diploma courses (8 months). The three phases totaled 24 months (all completed in Singapore).


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