The student-centered collaborative learning enviro

The Student-Centred Collaborative Learning Environment

We emphasize student-centred collaborative learning though a partnership with highly valued academic and industrial partners.

Recent Activity

新加坡新任教育部部长陈振声上任首日来访莎顿国际学院 Minister of Education Visit on 17 May 2021 (Sat)

Shelton College International welcomed our Minister of Education, Mr. Chan Chun Sing together with Minister of Parliament, Mr. Melvin Yang and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications a...

2021年媒体上的新加坡艺术传媒院校——新加坡莎顿国际学院 Shelton College International on news 2021.

2021年2月14日,年初三的CCTV-13新闻频道的报道,莎顿国际学院拍摄的抗疫MV,创作的社会公益视频,以及大使馆工作组前往莎顿慰问等三个元素都依次呈现在其中。 On 14th of February 2021 the third d...

莎顿国际学院应邀赴中国驻新加坡大使馆参加使馆教育处交流会 Shelton was invited to visit the Embassy of China in Singapore

[15 Jan 2021] Shelton College International was invited to visit the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Singap...
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Academic Partners
Academic PartnersRelationship
1University For the Creative Arts, U.K.Partnership Agreement signed on 18th Jul 2019
Progression Agreement signed on 29th Jan 2019
2University of Gloucestershire, U.K.MOU signed on 16th May 2019
3Staffordshire University, U.K.MOU signed on 2nd May 2019
4Southampton Solent University, U.K.Admissions Agreement signed on 15th Mar 2019
5Shandong Normal University, School of Journalism and CommunicationMOU signed on 3rd Nov 2019
6No. 2 Middle School Attached to SDNU, ChinaMOU signed on 24th May 2019
7Shandong Youth University of Political Science, ChinaMOU signed on 22nd Apr 2019
8Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College, ChinaMOU signed on 16th Jan 2019
9Beijing College Student Film FestivalMOU signed on 10th Jan 2019
10   Pearson Education LimitedBTEC Centre Approval on 30th June 2014
11中视新影诺(北京)影视文化传播有限公司Agreement signed on 1st Jun 2019
Industry Partners
Industry PartnersRelationship
1Arcom Services Pte. LtdMOU signed on 9th October 2019
2HYDR4 PTE. LTD.MOU signed on 7th October 2019
3AI SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.MOU signed on 9th September 2019
4SUS Design CenterMOU signed on 26th August 2019
5NU PHOTO Pte LtdMOU signed on 8th July 2019
6D'GYMNASTIQUE Academy LLPMOU signed on 8th March 2019
7Asiavision College of Media and Arts Pte LtdHostel Partner

Partnership / Sponsorship

If you share our vision in education and continual upgrading, we welcome you to talk to us about how you or your organisation can benefit from partnering with us in developing the future generation of leaders. You can partner with us in one or more of the following ways:

·         Scholarships

·         Bursaries               

·         Corporate Sponsorships

·         Internships

·         Awards & Prizes

·         Events

·         Student clubs/student activities

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