Shelton Alumni Club

Shelton College International is a dynamic community of talent and passion. The Alumni Club is committed to maintaining engagement and connection with our alumni beyond graduation. Upon joining the student alumni network, you will have access to a platform designed for mutual interaction, support, and collective growth. We highly value our relationship with each alumnus and strive to foster ongoing engagement through various alumni events, networking opportunities, and career services.


Benefit from tailored 1-on-1 coaching sessions designed to support your career aspirations and development needs.


Attend exclusive networking events with industry leaders and fellow alumni to expand your professional connections and opportunities.


Participate in regular alumni reunions to reconnect with old friends and forge new relationships.


Access continuous learning opportunities through webinars, seminars, and online courses.

Film Festivals

Stay informed about international film festivals through our dedicated channels. We will regularly provide recommendations and share information on notable competitions and film festivals

Theater Events

Keep up-to-date with theater events worldwide via our dedicated channels. We will share noteworthy events and recommend prominent theater competitions.

Joining the Shelton Alumni Club ensures that your relationship with Shelton continues to grow and flourish beyond graduation. We are committed to supporting your personal and professional journey through a variety of events, resources, and networking opportunities. Together, we will build a strong, supportive, and dynamic alumni community.

Welcome to the Shelton family, where your future continues to shine bright!

All graduates from Shelton Qualification Programmes will be automatically inducted as alumni upon graduation. There is no need for a formal application process to gain recognition as a Shelton alumnus.