Shelton College International
Shelton College International is a media, film and performance college in Singapore. It was established in 1993 and provides courses in film and television media production, performing arts, and business specialisations. The campus is located in the center of Singapore, beside the Mount Faber Nature Reserve, only a 10-minute drive from the Istana. It is the southernmost institution of higher education in the Eurasian continent.

To establish a premier, integrated and renowned international school for the ages.


To provide our students with a comprehensive platform for development in excellence and multi-educational pathways; cultivate creativity and team spirit to become the world elites.

Passion - Strong motivation in whatever one does.
Responsibility - Strive to be experts in your field. Further your expertise by attending seminars or related professional courses or events. Integrity - Be ethical even if there is no written code. Compassionate – Create a sense of community and belonging in the classroom and in the office. To be warm, enthusiastic and caring. Elite Education - Constantly be aware of the new trends in the industry and incorporate it into your work. Show creativity wherever possible.

At Shelton, We Care.
A true education motivates students to strive for their passions and to immerse themselves in the pursuit of their dreams to reach their greatest potential.